Our Farm is owned and operated by Rex and Marie Koelsch.


We are small vegetable farmers that desire to provide our customers with nutrient-rich produce at a reasonable price ... from our garden to your table!


Taste the amazing difference of vegetables grown in nutrient-rich & balanced soil. We grow a large variety of vegetables in season, in both hoop houses and outside gardens.  We are not certified organic, but we do not use any harmful chemicals on our crops. We add minerals to our soil, and use cultivation and mulching to control the weeds.


This is the way we feed our family, and we have a heart to share the health that comes from good quality food with yours!




OPTION 1: Saturday Produce Stand

Purchase a variety of fresh, in season produce at our produce stand each Saturday morning from 9am to 12pm (address & map)


OPTION 2: Produce Bag

- Pre-order a weekly fresh produce bag – a variety of produce is bagged according to what is in season and ready to harvest each week

- The cost of each bag ranges between $10 to $20 per bag, depending on weekly contents

- Order by each Thursday at 6pm to pick up your bag on Saturday between 9am to 12pm (special arrangements may be made to pick up at an alternate time if necessary)

- Click here to visit our Facebook page and see what's in THIS weeks bag!


OPTION 3: Pick Your Own Produce

Become a “Farm Member” – annual membership fee, unlimited access, discounted prices, and you pick your own fresh veggies right out of the soil! 



For more information on any of these options OR to preorder your produce bag for this week, please contact Marie Koelsch at (918) 640-1282.


What keeps Our Farm customers coming back year after year?

It's our personalized approach!

We strive to promote a "family-friendly" atmosphere that focuses on the benefits of a healthly diet from produce that is uncompromising in quality.

We welcome you to stop by to visit us and we'll proudly show you around!  We are happy to talk to you about our gardening practices and share our passion for delivering the most healthy, nutrient-rich, reasonably-priced produce that you'll find!

Please call to make an appointment with us.  We look forward to showing you around a bit!